Building a ZK-Based Blockchain w/ Steve Pack (o1Labs)
Strange Water PodcastFebruary 01, 2024
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Building a ZK-Based Blockchain w/ Steve Pack (o1Labs)

The podcast discusses the significance of ZK cryptography in the blockchain ecosystem, particularly its transformative impact in 2024. ZK cryptography enables the verification of specific computer program outputs through proofs generated during program execution, offering a computationally efficient way to validate results. In the context of blockchains, which are inherently resource-limited, ZK cryptography allows for the augmentation of computing power and modern resources. But this insight is not new, in fact the team at O1 Labs has been building Mina Protocol with these insights built directly into the DNA of the Mina blockchain. Today’s guest, Steve Pack, head of Product at O1 Labs, shares insights into Mina Protocol emphasizing its potential for growth alongside Ethereum and its integration with Optimism and the OP stack.

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