Building Blockchain's Emergency Response Layer w/ Bobafetador (Drosera)
Strange Water PodcastFebruary 26, 2024
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Building Blockchain's Emergency Response Layer w/ Bobafetador (Drosera)

Imagine: two founders of a decentralized exchange (DEX) experience a successful launch with over $1 billion in deposited assets, only to later discover a major security breach where 60% of their Total Value Locked (TVL) is withdrawn in a single transaction. Reflecting on their oversight, they realize the necessity of a rapid response system to identify and mitigate such threats. In the current landscape, building such systems has become feasible due to advancements in technology, notably showcased by Drosera, a decentralized incident response protocol. This protocol, discussed in-depth by its co-founder and CTO Bobafetador, highlights the importance of robust security measures in the blockchain environment, especially for projects managing significant asset values.

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